Hello, Nova Scotia! Musings of a Halifax Editor

Musings from an editor who several years ago relocated to Halifax, home to the 2019 Editors Canada conference…

As a native Ontarian who grew up in Ottawa and lived in Toronto for 14 years, the East Coast was never on my radar. But after finding the love of my life three years ago, I made the big move to Nova Scotia. Little did I realize the types of things I would need to get used to. Here’s just a sampling…

  • When travelling, I’m now greeted by airport officials who smile, call me “honey”, and ask where I’m headed. I’m even allowed to say something back.
  • Upon my arrival, I was informed that no family physicians were available, but that getting pregnant would get me a doctor immediately.
  • Every winter, I witness one of my stepchildren crying because their snow fort has melted in less than two days.
  • I now spend my summers sitting at the beach in a hoodie, long pants, socks and shoes, while everyone else enjoys what is seemingly considered bikini weather.
  • I regularly hear people complaining that it took them all of 20 minutes to get home because of what they like to call “traffic”.
  • School for my four stepkids has been cancelled because of wind.
  • I was bewildered to find out that my town was celebrating the 100th anniversary of a giant explosion.
  • Having guests over often involves proving to them that I do, in fact, live on the ocean, which isn’t visible due to the fog.
  • When I tune into the radio to find out what the weather will be like, I’m required to sit through a forecast that includes no less than three provinces.

Although Halifax is becoming more cosmopolitan, it’s much less so than Ottawa or Toronto.

  • When East Coasters travel west, they’re heading to “Ontario”. Not Toronto, Ottawa, Kingston, Thunder Bay, Peterborough, Sudbury, or Niagara—just “Ontario”. I tell them it’s kind of a big place. But what do I know.
  • I’m repeatedly asked by my stepkids whether I’ve gone to the new, cheap but delicious restaurant in town. It’s called IKEA.
  • I can now say my last New Year’s Day was spent taking part in a whale-saving experience.

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