On the Celebration of Your 40th Anniversary

Congratulations, Editors Canada, on achieving 40 years of operation. We know what a journey it has been—we’ve been with you along the way. After all, we have two common goals: the success of our client-authors and publishers, and the satisfaction of readers everywhere.

We’re family—we would even say we’re siblings, although it may not seem that way. Perhaps your experience of working with an indexer goes like this: you send the book into the internet, and days or weeks later, an index appears in your mailbox.

Indexers do, however, step away from their computers and venture out to socialize with and learn from colleagues. And that’s the perfect time to meet and get to know indexers.

For instance, you can discover who we are and what we do by attending one of our regional meetings. We get together from time to time in British Columbia, Prairies and Northern Canada, Central (Ontario), and Quebec/Maritimes. Some meetings are set up to use Skype. Look for upcoming meetings by visiting our website calendar.

Perhaps you would you like to hear about the latest insights on indexing best practices, index usability and indexing for new technologies. Or how about a session on building your successful freelancing business? Or have dinner with us at our awards banquet? Our annual conferences are held in a different location in Canada each year, and because you are family, Editors Canada members pay the member rates.

What if you need an indexer for your project? You can find individual indexers to match your project’s needs by visiting https://indexers.ca/find-an-indexer. Search for expertise by subject matter, type of materials and special skills. Or ask for help with your search by sending an email to web-editor@indexers.ca.

Editors, it’s been wonderful working with you. This occasion calls for two toasts—one to the clients and readers who keep us in business, and the other to your continuing success!


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